Get deep down into music

Learning is not only about collecting knowledge but also how you execute it creatively. Our academy emphasizes skillful and functional methods to make you discover the extraordinary in you to be limitless. Events act as a platform for our students where they seize the opportunity to exhibit their strengths. We set our planner in such a way that makes it diverse to explore himself in every aspect. It involves competitions and much more where students participate with team spirit,

Indulgence & expression 

The name of the competition itself signifies prominence.  Where Indulgence is all about Band and Expression completes it with Instrumental, collaboratively you rise up as a star. You may not require any exceptional talent to compete but the authenticity of your brilliance, because you know where you can make the change.

That makes you bold and even more confident. At the end of the year, all are qualified enough to show up their inherited skills and talents vehemently in ‘SYMPHONY’, The Annual function.