Grace Musical Academy

Get deep down into music


Grace Musical Academy

Get deep down into music



Music can change the world because it can change people.

Grace musical academy aims to refurbish and light out the alacrity of the vocals and chords inside you. Comprising of skilful and professional artists to assist you with hurdles and get you to the triumph. Making you grow in an immeasurable opportunities of the musical industry.

Established in 2012, in remembrance of late MR. ANUGRAH DANIEL,

Notable for his zeal and dedication for music and instruments, he was very ambitious to establish a musical academy which sustained as a vision and later on carried forward by his elder brother MR ARMAAN DANIEL, from Bhilai (C.G), better known for his wondrous grip on western music and instruments, his astonishing dedication for music has made him recognized throughout the city. In this span of journey the academy has been seen progressing and fulfilling the endeavours of people consistently.

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Music Academy

Learning MUSIC connects different parts of your brain, making you smarter and more versatile. GMA furnishes theory as well as practical music classes which entail instruments being Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Violin, Percussion Instruments as well. In addition to this, it also presents Hindustani Vocals and Western Vocals too. We help you unleash your potential and bring out the rockstar in you.

Studio Recording

When it comes to music, the recording makes it alive. Grace music academy never falters to make your voice renowned and remarkable. All credit goes to its specialized facility equipped with a professional-grade mixing console for sound recording and audio production to make you sound limitless. Recording music is a meticulous process and requires intellectual monitoring. So we consider getting it supervised by our experienced acousticians and audio engineers. You may think that echoes may mess with you while recording, not at all! , we are facilitated with ‘isolation booths’ equipped with sound-absorbing materials to accommodate you with a more tranquil ambience. Multi-track recording made us reliable to record instruments and singers separately and at different times on different tracks with ease.

Online Class

We know that tough times do come up as a barrier that prohibits the process of learning practically, but we are boundless. Grace makes a way out from every obstacle to deliver the knowledge and skills of the course effortlessly. So we chose the most advanced E-learning techniques keeping in mind all the perspectives to give you the equivalent classroom Experience that makes you engage with the music passionately. Music is eternal and has its borders far away from the horizon, but we don’t find any perimeters separating us from music. Grace offers a diverse and immense hold on music not only in the city but throughout the country because we never delay welcoming an artist into the band. All thanks to the bandwidth and the telecom communication team making the process lag-free and limitless.


Learning is not only about collecting knowledge but also how you execute it creatively. Our academy emphasizes skillful and functional methods to make you discover the extraordinary in you to be limitless. Events act as a platform for our students where they seize the opportunity to exhibit their strengths. We set our planner in such a way that makes it diverse to explore himself in every aspect. It involves competitions and much more where students participate with team spirit,

Indulgence & expression 

The name of the competition itself signifies prominence.  Where Indulgence is all about Band and Expression completes it with Instrumental, collaboratively you rise up as a star. You may not require any exceptional talent to compete but the authenticity of your brilliance, because you know where you can make the change.

That makes you bold and even more confident. At the end of the year, all are qualified enough to show up their inherited skills and talents vehemently in ‘SYMPHONY’, The Annual function.


Grace Musical Academy established in the year 2012 in memory of Late “Mr. Anugrah Daniel” and an acknowledgment of his passion for music and instruments. It was set up by ‘Mr. Armaan Daniel'(founder), located in Bhilai Sector 2, street 5, is a top player in the category of Music Classes in the Bhilai Durg. This well-known music class establishment acts as a one-stop destination serving people both local and from other parts of Durg Bhilai. Over the course of its journey, GMA has established a firm foothold in its industry.

Grace Musical Academy established in the year 2012 in memory of Late “Mr. Anugrah Daniel” and an acknowledgment of his passion for music and instruments. It was set up by ‘Mr. Armaan Daniel'(founder), located in Bhilai Sector 2, street 5, is a top player in the category of Music Classes in the Bhilai Durg.

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Mr. Kamlesh (Father of Chinmay)

My son has been taking guitar lessons in GMA for the past 5 years and recently has started learning Indian Classical Music. He has gained a lot of experience and confidence. He also gets various platforms to showcase his talent. GMA is very affordable and is a fun place to learn music. After a long day in school, children can relieve their stress in such an environment. Their faculty is highly qualified and experienced hence their way of teaching is also very innovative. I suggest every parent send their kids to GMA.

Smt. Sunita Lautre (Mother of Pranjal Lautre)

My son has been learning music in GMA for the past 3 years. He has started learning Music since class 5th. While learning he got introduced to Mr.Armaan, director of GMA and he advised him to start picking up the guitar. Pranjal started taking guitar classes in GMA from his 8th grade. My son is talented but in GMA he got better and polished. Today also he goes to the same academy, developed new skills and techniques. He has also started producing music. I would like to thank Grace Music Academy and Mr. Armaan for making my child grow in the field of music. I would definitely recommend GMA because after seeing my son's growth I would love to see other children grow with music as it adds charm to their personality.